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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 9, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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you sick. the brand f morning... and what's wrong withhit. and... you don't haveeto wwit for black friday.the three storessthat will hhve holiday peals.. on thanksgiving day. 3 3 3 -3 friday, november 9th.
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3 -33 first on fox...a vote of "no confidence" in the citt schools police chiee. chieffmeganngilliland is livv from the baatimore city schools police department this means for yourrkids. good morning guys,the schools police union revealed the vote in a letter to c-e-o dr..
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annres alonso. the letter says almost three quarters offooficerssvvted they have "no confidence" in ccief... marhsall goodwin's... abilityyto run the department. pagaai... the vote comes after a fox 45 investigation found that dozens oo crimes in school were noo being reported to city police. instead, schooo officials were using what's known as an in-house referrrl. 1:34:04 i would say the in-house reporting is oo the rise. i would ssy it's on thee rise and again who is responsible for that? upper &plevel mmnagement upper level . management.union oofiiials plan o meet with drr alonso to discuss the vote later this month. meantime... the underlying problem of crime n city how any assaultsshave happened recently coming up next half in east baltimore i'm megan giiliiand, foxx5 morning news. pwo men ... face even more charges affer being linked to more idnappings and sexual
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assaults.and police tell uss. the suspeets were targeting young wwmen near bus stops... in broad daylight. daylight.pplice say 25-year old william campbell and 22- year old kenyon waller had already been inked to two aaductions last month near a bus stop on edmonddon avenue &pin detectives have now linked the two to six other crimes... withh11 most cases.. ttey were obbed but some were also sexuallyyassaulted. &p(johnson) "the youug women were forced into the suv at gunpoint and driven to a nearby apartment complex where camppell forced her at guupoint tooperform several sex acts." acts."both campbell and waller... are being held without bail in baltimore countt.if onvicted phey ace lifeein prison. &pa granddjury indicts a howard home.michael mckennn was arrested lass month ... aater ppllce released this shoow him setting up hidden woman actuaaly áfoundá a 3
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police beliive mckenny kkew them... and sed a copied key day.mckenny is currently bbing pight eople are tteated for parbon monoxide poiiooing in north baltiiore. baltimore.thh fire department says four adults and four children were taken to the night after elevated levels of inside thiee home.they say it mayyhaveeleaakd from an appliance.they are all in stable condition thissmorniig. we now know the cause of a firr that killed aaggandmother and foor children last month in northeast baltimore. investigators believe the fire waa caused by ccmbuutibbe &pfurnace.the fire broke out october 12th at a home on denwood avenue....illing 55-year-oll nancc worrell and four children... ranging from age 1 to 7.three others were injured including tto fire fighters and worrell's husband... who jumped froo a second floor window. 3&a reeall today... involving
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spinach mix sold in maryland st. ptores.the f-d-a is warning connsmers about possiile spinach and spring mix."the ii - store is telliig cussomers not tt eat the recalled product... and to return it for a full refund. 33nestle ii recallinn more than 2-huudred-thousand ccnisters of "nesquick"... ver possible salmonella contamination.the bottom of the canisters say "best to use by ootober 20-144" as of this point... there have been no reporrs of illness. ccnsumers who have the product purchase... for a ull refund. a big day for president obama... around 1 o'clock this afternoon... he wiil address from the east's a ccancc for the nnwly re- elecced president to address some of the big iisues facing staving ff the so-called fiscal cliff.the statement aaso erves to utline the 3the preeident gets a little teary- eyed talking with his
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campaiin this videoo you ccn see obama wipinggawwa pears while talking to hii headquarters the day afttr the election.he ggt emotional while telling ttem how proud he is of their work. &pobama says: "...becauseewhht you guys have done means that impootant. and i'm really proud of all of you. what you guys ápauseáácllppingá thh ppingá president went on to say thaa phen ppople ask him how he deaas with the stress of washington.. he alwayy thinkss of the staff that supports him. we arr ow getting mmrr information from the pentagon aaout aa attack on a u-- drone. &ptwo iranian ffghter jets fired on the unarmed drone in the persian gulfflasttweek.the u-s aar force predator drone wass not hit...but was performing
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suuveillancc in international airspace.... east oo kuwait,. but he incidenttraiies fresh concerns wwthin the obama admiiistration about iranian military aggression in crucial gglf ool shipping lanes. seven navy seals are unished information o a viieo game. the pentagon they provided viieo game publisher n to he - electronic artt for the gaae "medal of honor."the company consulttnts on the game.the ssven were accused oo showinn their official coobat gear and disclosing lassified material. they were given a letter of reprimand and docked two ineligible for promooion and a moving tribute in the nation's capital... he the nation. as marianne rafferty explains.. it's the common ground awwrddfor conflict resolution,
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negottation and peace buulling. u-s mbassador chris stevens, along itt three in an attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libba secretary of state hillary - clinton, says ambassador stevens legacy will forever live onnclinton says: "...chris stevens was an inspiratton to all who served with hii and knew him uring hhs life. he remains an inspiration now and i believe far into the future..." nearly two months sinnc the attaak... officials are still working to improve safeey protocoll.clinton says: "...we now have aaformal &pinvestigating the terrorist attack ttht kklled chris and we ill certainly pply it's recommendattonn ann lessons learned to improving sscurity ambassador stevens' ister she accepted the award onnhis behalf.. allng with stories of his dedicated
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service... his sistee also revealed some personal etails about er brother...stevens says: "...his engaging personalitt, who many of my girlfriends had crushes on, enabled him to cross the cultural ddvides witt ease. chris enjoyed talking to &ppeople froo all walks f life thoughts and woories of those - he met..."(anchor ttg) demands for information about the benghazi attack. several coogressional committees will hood classified hearings on the matter next week.. n new york, marianne rafferty, ffx news. coming up on the early editionn...saved during hurricane sandy. sandy.the turtle eggs that were rescued from assateaaue island... and the newworn that's at the aquarium's rehab center. ,3
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still to come... more stores accually be mmde available... d- the day ábeforeá. 3surviving the wrath... off hurricane sandy.the four-legged newboon... who's pecome a celebrrty at the national aquarium. ((break 2)) ,3
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&p3 in all of the bba news we've heard since hurricane sandy.... this mmrning.. a story of a newborn-- with flippers---... who is a real ssrvivor. kathleen cairns has more on this strange storyyyou willl only see first on fox. fox. ii this warehouse in fells point.... ssck seaacreatures are brrught in and rehabilitated. (two shot working on bigger turtle) "so this is a green sea turtle,, the tanks are filled with a variety of species :(far shot)"he's ootiny"but t's the tinnest turtte ttat is now the biggest celebbity.(amber-
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reveal)"it is a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling and this is the hatchling everybody has been talking aaout that came up on the eastern shore."just before hurricann sandy struck assateague national seashore.... (open eggs hatch) 162 turtle eggs were dug upp and saved.... the temperatures, ssnd erosion ann windsswould have crushed them... amber lowwangle)"i and actually witnnssed life in - the nest so far up north here.. are incredibby hopeful of his survivaa... " and then one egg... hatched., the new born is einggcared for rrund the clock by national aquarium staff.... (aamer face to turtle)"this is deffnitely the pirst baby ive had to take all of us are like proud new momssaa the aquarium " it's pard to fathom that this turtle could row to be 300 poundss.. ((mber face) "we think hes strong enough and wee thinn hes doinn really good so far.. (cairns)"the loggerheed turtles are endangered just like the other turtles being treated hre.. this is a kemm now.. checc this out.. he's
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eating squid head.. ummmm that looks good!" so far the sleeping than eattng... but it ps grroingg nd has already beaten thh odds:(amber loww angle)"yes.. he is the little miracle that occurred before &p the turtle doesn't have a namee... buttsay 'sandy' fells oint.. kc fox 45 news pt 10 rescuers say ii's likely there' s only one survivor from the tash of eggs.. little loggerhead gets en thee - are warmer... the endaagered s - turtle would be released off thh coast of north carolina, which wwold help encrease hhs chances of survival. service expecting a happy holid. holidayythe busy mailing pprdicted.that's being
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3- you can get aafew more hours of sleep the day after
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thhnksgiving... because black friday, you can shop on rrtailers. alison kosik explains who's offering the yeaa. --reporter pkg-as follows -- forget black friday....this is the new trend.wal--artt announced it will open at 8pm on thanksgiving day this year, offering deals to entice early shoppers. it's the second year in a row that wal-marr night, buttit's openingg2 hourr earlier his year. sears and k-mart have also announced they'll open on thhnksgiiing. and more retailers could follow suitt wal-mart sayssit's responding company is responding to have their turkey, go want to 3 shopping, and get to bed at a reasonable hour, all in the same day. the number of shoppers hitting the stooes on thanksgivinggday has soared in little ooer 3-percent in 2009,, to more than 24 percent last year. and they're not alone... getting an early ssart on their shopping this year. 80-percent of peoole say
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they'll start their holiday shopping before december, that's accorddng to the 12-percent started before . - have tt be eady for the pnflux. christmas shopping season is the most critical time of ear for them, no lasts. 'm alisoo osik in new york. good news for the postal its prediiting the holidayyseason will be the busiest ever.the service is expecting to handle 365 million packages ... 20- percent more than last yyaa. year.on top of that, it estimmtes to dellier nearly 18 billionncards and letters between thhnksgiving anddnew year's eve. the jump comes as the postaalservice faces serious inancial problemm. fedex is expecting 13 percent increase, while u-p-s is forecasting neaaly nine percent bump. coming up... slammed by a hurricane... and a nor'eaater. nor'easter.the serrous sttugglls many people living in the northeast arr facing. 3
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interesting that almost all : prrsidents end their speeehes with the phrase "mayygod bless america?" whenevee there's a natural disaster or crisis in one'' family or life, we always talk about theeneed to pray. howevee, when things are goiig well, we forget 3 about god and we frequently forget aboot godly principles. ii is interesting toonote conventionnin 1787, our nation - to political ddfferences when the eldee statesman benjaminn fraanlin proposed a unique solution beeore the assemblyy he said, "gentlleme, during other phrase ouu f our mouthss
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involved a request for od's help which we obviouuly &preceived. now weebarely speak on our knees immediately and pntire assemmly immediately pnelt and prayed. when they arose, they put ogeeher a 16 and one third page document the united states.the of startinngeachh ongressional it orrnot, this practice still continuee today in a sociity that seems to praise secularrsm over we need to make sureethat ur formalliy; we need the guidance of god not only to rrcapture he spirit of compassion and caring that chaaacterizes oor nation.. we caant turn on a switch that tells us hat we''e going to peegoo honoring our veterans.the
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practical way they are being remembered in baltimore this year.on fox 45 neww at fiie3 3 it's our fox45 ""hanks giveaway" giveaaay!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards


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